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Lighthouses located at the Jersey Shore

Cape May Lighthouse | Hereford Inlet Lighthouse | Absecon Lighthouse | Tucker’s Island Lighthouse
Barnegat Lighthouse | Sea Girt Lighthouse | Twin Lights of Naveskind | Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse
Cape May Lighthouse is located at the tip of Cape May, a popular tourist destination in New Jersey. Cape May is a lovely seaside town that has many opportunities for recreation. If you’re interested in a little bit of history, you may be interested in the Cape May Lighthouse. This is still an operational lighthouse and it has 199 steps right to the top of the tower. Cape May City and Wildwood are some points that can be seen from the tower.

Choosing to get a summer rental in Cape May means you’ll be near Cape May Lighthouse without having to give up the excitement of spending your time on the Jersey Shore. Cape May is located on the Atlantic Ocean, meaning that you can spend time swimming, boating, or fishing to your heart’s content. If you’d prefer to stay out of the sun and keep yourself indoors, Cape May also has many tourist destinations that provide opportunities for shopping, dining, and enjoying musical and cultural events.

Finding a rental property on Cape May means that you can enjoy your time at the shore without having to worry about running out of fun activities to do with your travel companions. If you’d like even more ideas for spending time at Cape May, you may want to try some of the summer festivals that take place. Festivals have a wide variety of activities that you can participate in at your leisure.

There’s no need to feel rushed, since some of these festivals can go on for days. Enjoy the Cape May Lighthouse and all Cape May has to offer and you’ll have a wonderful vacation.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is located in North Wildwood, New Jersey, meaning that is located in one of the best Jersey Shore spots for vacationing. If you want to rent a property in North Wildwood, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the amenities spending time in a shore town offers while being able to enjoy easy access to a piece of New Jersey history. The lighthouse began as a small station in 1849 when the many shipwrecks that had been happening in the inlet began to add up.

The United States Lifesaving Service erected this small station in the hopes of keeping ships safer as they passed through the dark waters. The actual lighthouse was built in 1874 and had only two keepers for a period of 45 years. The first keeper only lasted three months while the other lasted for the entire remainder of the 45-year period. Storms forced the closing of the lighthouse in 1913, but after it was moved further west, it was reopened in 1914. The town of North Wildwood now owns the lighthouse and uses it to light the town and the beautiful gardens that attract many visitors.

If you’re lucky enough to find a rental in Wildwood, you can enjoy the proximity to the ocean and the wide array of activities that are offered by the community. The town of North Wildwood now owns the lighthouse and uses it to light the town and the beautiful gardens that attract many visitors. If you’re lucky enough to find a rental in North Wildwood, you can enjoy the proximity to the ocean and the wide array of activities that are offered by the community.

You can also visit the other Wildwood communities that make up the area known as the Wildwoods. Visiting the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse will be a memorable part of your Wildwoods vacation.

Absecon Lighthouse
Absecon Lighthouse is in a great location because it is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Anyone who is able to rent a summer property in Atlantic City will be able to enjoy easy access to the Absecon Lighthouse so they can enjoy the excitement of the casinos and amusements and combine that with the rich history of the lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1857 to illuminate the dark waters so ships could safely pass through on their treks across the ocean.

The lighthouse was actually not in operation for the long period between 1933 and 1997, but it has since been reactivated and continues to hold up the tradition of providing a beacon for passing vessels. Anyone who wants to find a rental property in Atlantic City should consider how close the property is to the Absecon Lighthouse so that it can be visited easily. Once you’ve finished your visit, you can enjoy the many activities Atlantic City has to offer. Shoppers will be delighted with all of the opportunities to purchase souvenirs, while those who want to test their luck can try their hand at the slot machines or card games in the casinos.

Even children can enjoy Atlantic City because of the many games and food that can be had on the boardwalk. Absecon Lighthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places, so vacationing in Atlantic City can combine some history with the fun of staying in one of the most glamorous resort towns on the New Jersey Shore.

Tucker’s Island Lighthouse
Tucker’s Island Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built on Tucker’s Island. This lighthouse was built by the government in 1848 and was built to aid ships passing through the night waters. The lighthouse was used from that point on, but the Island was growing smaller and smaller and it had to be abandoned in 1859. Knowing the need for a lighthouse on higher land, another lighthouse was built in 1865. Another new lighthouse was built in 1885 and had a beacon that could shine for approximately twelve miles.

The lighthouse was white in color and had a red tower with a light fifty feet above sea level. This was considered much safer than the specifications of the original house since it was on higher ground and had a more powerful light. The lighthouse was well-kept by the lighthouse keeper for many years, but unfortunately, it washed away in 1927 due to erosion and a lack of solid ground to anchor it to the beach. More storms continued to hammer away at Tucker’s Island and areas of the beach continued to wash away with each storm. Erosion also continued to be a problem and resulted in a lot of land being washed away into the sea.

The rest of Tucker’s Island washed away in 1935 and no portion of the Tucker’s Island Lighthouse remains. If you want to visit a historic lighthouse, Tucker’s Island is no longer in existence so you may want to consider visiting Sandy Hook Lighthouse or Barnegat Lighthouse instead. If you make this choice, you’ll be able to find a rental property in a great community that also lets you enjoy these beautiful lighthouses.

Barnegat Lighthouse
Barnegat Lighthouse is located on Long Beach Island and is a part of Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. Visitors to Barnegat Lighthouse will surely enjoy the rich history surrounding the lighthouse. The original lighthouse was commissioned in 1834, but the light in the lighthouse did not blink and was not considered to be especially helpful by the ship captains trying to navigate the dark and sometimes stormy waters.

Erosion was a problem in this particular inlet and the original lighthouse was actually swallowed up by the choppy waters as the ground beneath it became more unstable. The second lighthouse was commissioned in 1859 and was designed to be more helpful for people navigating the rough waters. The light was changed from a fifth-class light to a first-class light, meaning it was much more of a help than the previous lighthouse. The new lighthouse was also designed to be two towers, one encompassing the other smaller tower.

If you’re able to rent a property in Barnegat Light, you’ll be able to have easy access to the Barnegat Lighthouse and visit one of the most popular destinations in this area. Thousands of people visit the lighthouse every summer and are able to enjoy the lantern that is lit from dusk to dawn and provides visitors with a small idea of just how magnificent the lighthouse once was.

Spending your summer in Barnegat Light is the perfect vacation for someone who appreciates the history of lighthouses and will enjoy visiting Barnegat Lighthouse as a vacation activity.

Sea Girt Lighthouse
The Sea Girt Lighthouse has an interesting history that dates back many years. The town of Sea Girt used to be known as Wreck Pond due to all of the shipwrecks that took place in the dark waters. When the residents began to look for ways to prevent further shipwrecks, the idea for a lighthouse was brought up and a location selected. The original location was not acceptable for a lighthouse, so Sea Girt beach was later chosen as the site for this beacon that was needed to light the waters so ship captains could pass safely through and further shipwrecks would be prevented.

This lighthouse was the last one built in the U.S. that would have a live-in person to ensure that everything was running smoothly. The original light in the lighthouse was red but it was changed to white in the early 1900s. After World War II, the lighthouse fell into disrepair and local officials struggled with whether to renovate it or tear it down. Thanks to the concern of community groups in the area, the lighthouse was renovated and local groups now use it for meetings and other events that contribute to the community.

If you have the opportunity to rent a property in Sea Girt, visiting the Sea Girt Lighthouse may be one of the highlights of your vacation. Visiting this landmark will give you a deep sense of the history of the area and will help you to appreciate all that the town had to go through to finally pull the lighthouse out of ruins and renovate it so it could be used as a community building.

Twin Lights of Naveskind
The Twin Lights are actually not a lighthouse, but a pair of beacons that are located in the Naveskind Highlands. Looking out over Sandy Hook Bay, these beacons were once used to guide ships safely through the surrounding waters. Summer renters who have the opportunity to find a rental in Sandy Hook will have convenient access to the Twin Lights since they are very near Sandy Hook Bay.

Finding a rental property can be difficult during the summer months due to the popularity of this historic location. The Twin Lights are non-operational, but there is a museum located on the property that can be enjoyed by many tourists and year-round residents. Sandy Hook also has many opportunities for outdoor recreation due to its status as a location that is managed by the National Park Service. If you’re able to find a rental property near the Twin Lights, you’ll be able to steep yourself in the rich history of the area and enjoy all that Sandy Hook has to offer.

If you have time during your vacation, you can visit the Twin Lights museum and view the lighthouse equipment, take a tour, and climb the North Tower to get a great view of the surrounding area. You can also enjoy relaxing with a good book and just spending some quiet time alone if you get a rental property in this beautiful Jersey Shore destination. Visiting the Twin Lights may be one of the most memorable stops on your vacation, so be sure to find a rental property close by and enjoy all the time you have for your vacation.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
The Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States and is located a little less than two miles from the top of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The original purpose of the lighthouse was to aid captains of the many ships passing through to find their way into New York Harbor. The lighthouse was actually originally called the New York Lighthouse because it was funded by money raised by New York.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse has endured stormy weather and even artillery attacks and continues to be an interesting tourist attraction for anyone who has the pleasure of visiting Sandy Hook. Tourists who are lucky enough to take a tour of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse at dusk or at night will be able to enjoy the beauty of the New York Skyline. Glistening with the lights of the many building and bridges of the city, the skyline is one of the most spectacular views around.

Summer renters will be lucky if they are able to find a summer rental property in Sandy Hook. Because of it’s ownership by the federal government, much of this community is managed by the National Park Service. This means that Sandy Hook also has beautiful natural areas for hiking and other outdoor activities. Combining the natural beauty of Sandy Hook with the awesome magnificence of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse will ensure that anyone who enjoys beauty and history will have a wonderful vacation when they have the exciting opportunity to visit this beautiful area.

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